The Arborist Report is required by the City Council prior to any construction or work around trees. This work includes drilling, building structures or building retaining walls.

What is an arborist report?

An Arborist Report identifies tree species, their dimensions, condition in addition to a location and protection plan. These are required by urban planners and local councils to align your development with land plans and government legislation.

The Arborist Report will take into account the structure, age and health of any trees affected, and will include justification for the removal or alteration of any trees, if necessary.

Not only concerned with the status of current trees and their condition, a significant focus is placed upon preservation of the current landscape, both during the section clearing process and into the future. Protree’s local certified arborist in Auckland can take you through the process, providing guidance throughout our complete tree service.


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    An arborist report from Protree is built on the knowledge, experienced and skill of our team. Our skilled arborists are well informed on tree arborist methodology, complying with legislation concerning resource consent, the arborist report process and ultimately focus on obtaining a positive outcome for our customers.

    As trees possess multiple environmental benefits, multiple options are considered before removal in most cases. Purifying air, supporting slopes and protecting erosion are all recognised benefits and provisioned in council planning. Despite this, they can be hazards as excavation work is carried out nearby – either due to the current condition of the tree or impacts to the environment once removed.

    Only a qualified arborist with local area knowledge can give you the best insight as to the best course of action, recommending a range of tree services or a complete arborist tree removal in their arborist report

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