Grinding a stump can be a matter of safety as well as an aesthetic concern. Tree stumps are nothing more than an unpleasant safety hazard that can be problematic to your landscape and gardening endeavours. Together, Protree and Stump Busters have become the best stump grinder team – no matter how difficult the stump in question. If you’re looking for the best Auckland tree stump grinding service, contact Protree today.

What is tree stump grinding?

Grinding stumps is a term used to describe a method of removing a stump after a tree has been cut. A large cutting wheel with tungsten teeth is used to chip away the stump and grind to below the surface of the ground.

Stump grinding can be done with a hand stump grinder, but Stump Busters uses the latest technology to remove stumps even in the hardest to access areas – grinding a stump on steep banks and raised gardens is no problem.

Stump grinding is the most cost-effective way to remove stumps and minimize the amount of damage to your property. In many cases, once we are finished, there is little sign that equipment was ever on your property. We create minimum disruption and mess and we specialise in both tight access stump removal and large stump removal in Auckland.


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    As a leader amongst Auckland tree stump grinding companies, our people go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. Specialist equipment and driven people make for complete satisfaction. We offer affordable stump grinding prices tailored to your budget without sacrificing quality.

    The job isn’t truly over when our tree cutting service is complete – getting the stump and root system out of the ground is another challenge altogether. Without the right know-how and tree grinding equipment, this can be almost impossible to do. Fortunately, our exclusive associates Stump Busters are fast and efficient, undertaking many tree stump and root removals that leaves the ground ready to be replanted.

    Why Remove a Tree Stump with Protree and Stump Busters?

    There are several reasons as to why you would need stump grinding – Auckland is a booming city and aesthetic appeal is important to house hunters, but also you may not want an unsightly tree stump in your daily view.

    • A tree stump is unsightly, reducing the property’s “curb value”.
    • Tripping over them hurts – a dangerous, potentially obscured hazard for all walking by
    • Stumps may be hard to access and require specialised equipment and capable tree stump grinder operators.
    • Our equipment is suited to a diverse range of scenarios, with large and small stump grinder tools to best meet your needs.
    • Wanting your garden to look exactly how you want it is a good enough reason call us about a stump grinder – Auckland views are better with no unfinished tree removals getting in the way!
    • Rotting stumps can spread disease and can regrow – stump and root removal compliments our tree removal service.

    Don’t settle for any stump grinder, Auckland, get the best stump grinder team!

    We work exclusively with Stump Busters, the stump grinding experts. Together, we hold a reputation in the tree stump removal business that you can trust.

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