Small Tree Pruning – Plant & Tree Removal

Small trees and plants require minimal maintenance, but sensible tree pruning can ensure the tree remains healthy, safe and grows in an attractive shape.

Small tree pruning entails careful leaf removal and tree limb removal of plants and small trees, making special cuts to reduce size without removing the majority of the plant. Tree pruning tools allow specialists to remove inner tree branches, sending pockets of light throughout the greenery and create a very tidy look.

Although tree pruning does make trees slightly smaller, attempting to make sizeable pruning changes to large trees with tree branch removal is usually unsuccessful.

Why do you prune small trees and plants?

  • It keeps good shape
  • Removing spindly wood enhances aesthetics
  • Shapes plant for maximum sunlight exposure
  • Encourages flowering and fruiting
  • Prevents disease growth
  • Encourages new growth


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    Small tree pruning is a difficult task. To obtain the best results, talk to the experienced team at Protree. Only a well-versed arborist can know the best time of the year to prune trees. Protree’s arborists possess a broad knowledge to handle many diverse requirements on a per-plant basis. For example:

    • Small deciduous trees lose their leaves in winter. The absence of leaves makes for an easy pruning in colder months. In other cases, pruning is best done in late summer, as healing is quicker.
    • Some trees can bleed sap if pruned in late winter and early spring. Although seldom fatal, this is unsightly and can weaken the tree. In addition, different diseases pose threats year-round and require mitigation.
    • Evergreens seldom need pruning, although dead and diseased branches can be removed in late summer with our dead tree removal service.

    Shrubs – Trimming and Removal

    Much like pruning small trees, shrubs care is dependent on species and season. We offer shrub services that can maintain, shape and rejuvenate shrubs for excellent appearances. To properly enhance your garden, talk to a local arborist that understands your arboriculture needs.

    On occasion, you may want to make use of our tree cutting and removal service. Plants may underperform or be unwanted after a landscape remodelling. In such occasions, a shrub removal cost quote, plant removal service and tree pruning cost quotes are only a call away.