Section Clearing may be required to further develop your section if have trees and shrubs which need to be completely removed. We can identify any native trees which may impact your development, and clear your section ready for construction to begin.

Protree has worked with land owners, contractors, developers and government organisations to achieve exemplary results for our clients. We have years of experience, creating manageable areas of land – prime for future developments.

Section Clearing & Tree Clearing Services

Whether you are laying foundations for construction, landscaping your new garden or simply clearing out your existing garden section, the Protree team has the ability and the equipment to get the job done. Our tree clearing services are cost effective and innovative – priming land for excavation and development even in difficult circumstances.

Protree is equipped with tree section clearing tools and equipment to undertake lot clearing, tree clearing and brush clearing even in the most difficult of environments.


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    When section clearing, we’ll also dispose of all of the green waste for you, presenting options from onsite recycling to complete tree removal. Our arborist team are trained to high standards and carry out section clearing in a safe and cost efficient manner.

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