Large Tree Trimming and Pruning Services – Shaping, Height Reduction and Tree Trimming Removal

Do you need a simple and effective way of caring for large branch care and tree trimming, or removing large trees from your residential or commercial property?

Here at Protree, our experienced and skilled arborists are fully equipped and ready to tackle any job, no matter how big or small. We offer a range of tree trimming services Auckland wide, from large tree removal and tree stump removal to trimming, shaping and bracing and more.

Large Tree Pruning:

Many large trees require careful management from professional tree trimmers to handle pruning and other maintenance tasks. To make sure a tree stays healthy, prolongs its life, and protects nearby property from any damage, it is important to combine the right tools and experience. Protree provides a complete, effective tree service to all our clients to ensure that the job is done right from the beginning to end.

Our professional tree trimmers improve the form of the tree, reduce wind resistance and increase the healthiness of the tree. In order to do this safely, large trees are only pruned with state of the art arborist technology, such as an extendable tree trimmer, pole tree trimmers and small tree trimmer tools as solutions.


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    Large tree trimming and pruning has never been easy. Our experienced and professional tree trimming removal team know that large tree trimming requires significant attention to detail. We use a plethora of power tree trimmer, long tree trimmer, pole tree trimmer and other tree cutting machines, to best serve your unique arboriculture needs. Our policy is to assess and hold equipment to the highest scrutiny when it comes to maintenance – A focus on safety is at the core of our business.

    Height Reduction

    Compared to just topping the tree, reduction helps maintain its form and structural integrity. Large tree trimming and tree pruning is highly desirable for photographs, liveability and meeting council regulations.

    Height reduction of a tree is managed by pruning back the leaders and branch terminals with an extended tree trimmer. Benefits include improving the view, providing another additional room for another tree, decreasing the potential damage the large tree could cause should it fall.

    Seasonal Services

    We’re happy to work for both, seasonal and one-off jobs. Our professional tree services include:

    • Palm tree trimming
    • Trimming pine trees
    • Trimming maple trees
    • Trimming oak trees
    • Many more large tree trimming and tree pruning requests

    Interested in large tree trimming? Other services that may interest you include:

    Get in touch with the best trees and trim, mulch and arborist service in Auckland today – Your Trees are Our Pride!